Balance. It’s such a buzz word isn’t it??? The truth is we spend most of our lives looking for it instead of just settling into it.

I take balance one day at a time. Yesterday I was having a hard time with teacher gifts🎁. Gifts are my love language❤️. I can’t buy to buy. I like to put thought into it and Lord knows these teachers deserve gold. So I decided that I would physically show my “version” of balance to these incredible teachers.

I spent some time in the kitchen last night (which, when I’m alone cooking is my happy place😜) and whipped out a family tradition for many generations: almond toffee and spiced tea.  The two combined have more sugar than should be legal so I made sure the jars were small 😂

I then put it together with my 13 month Health Haven calendar so it would “balance” it out😉😉

Balance comes in all different shapes and sizes.  Sometimes it means bringing your own food to family gatherings because you are wading through your own body’s balance.  Sometimes it means taking a nap instead of focusing on a certain project or saying no to something because you know in the long run, it won’t help move you towards the balance you crave.

I want to encourage you during this upcoming week to really take some time to reflect and figure out what things in your life might not be balanced. I know I have several I want to work on this upcoming year.

Take it one day at a time. Balance can be a daily thing or even some days…hourly.  When you feel something feels right…settle there for a while. Today I’m glad the teachers got their gifts and School is out for break. Tomorrow…we will see what kind of balance will be needed (probably some wine and some ear plugs since the kids are out 😜 bless their hearts😘)


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