Happy New Year!! 2017 has been a whirlwind of a year with so many exciting things happening!! 2018 seems to be starting off with a bang as well!! Monday’s, new months and New Years are my favorite!! Who doesn’t love fresh starts?!?!

My office is all set up, the calendars are out (though you can start them year round because they are dateless, so get yours anytime! Go to website under “shop”) and my website is almost ready to officially LAUNCH!! I’m so excited!

Each year our family chooses two words each (even the two year old:) to focus on for the year. My two words this year were SAVOR and STRENGTH. I want to spend this year really savoring every moment I can. As a working mama, some days it’s hard to balance everything. Some days I feel like I have failed at multiple roles all at once.

When I look back in a few years, I would love to have a successful business that truly is about loving on people and helping them with their health journey. More importantly though, I want to savor the day my calendar came out and my kids cheered. The night my husband and I stayed up till 2am finishing the edits together in bed.  I want to hold my two year old and play trains with him cause I can. I want to put my phone down when the kids get home and sit with them to have snacks and hear all about their day. I want to savor each day, each moment with my family, my clients and even myself. I want to make that yummy turmeric milk and savor each drop. I don’t to rush to the finish line each day and crumple in my bed at night like I just ran a marathon. I want to SLOW DOWN.

My physical, mental and spritual STRENGTH also need a good swift kick in the rear. I’m finding my little tribe of people that will get to the gym with me, provide spiritual feeding and will be my voice of reason when I’m feeling CRA.  I want to be strong. I want to do two pull ups (yeah…small goals people.) I want to find the spiritual practice that feeds my soul and in turn let’s me feed others. Savor & strength- 2018 is going to be good. I would love to hear yours!

On another note, let me tell you what I would love to see happen with this website- I would love this website/blog to be a safe space for you. A space for you to get ideas, recipes, share what you would like to see here and help you become a Haven Maker.

Please take this moment, this day, this year and do something for you.  In a couple weeks when this page is officially launched I would love for you to trust me enough to let me be a part of your journey. My journey is FAR from perfect and don’t worry, I’ll let you know those parts too. There is no room for perfection here so don’t come looking for it. We do real, we do simple, we do meals under 20 minutes, we do grace and we do fun.  If that sounds like something that could help you, join me, right here on this blog.

Stay tuned…more to come but right now I need to savor my sleep and be ready to get krunk (translation-get my game on, get strong etc..) tomorrow.

Health is a journey, not a destination-

Coach Steph


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