January is HERE!!! My kids also went back to school yesterday 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 (just keepin it real people) It also means that packing school lunches and sports/music nights were coming back in full force⚽️⚾️🎻🎸

Tuesday I spent about 30 minutes looking through recipe books and writing out my meals on my handy-dandy calendar 📆 (I have around 35 left people so get yours today!!! Link in bio)
I then compiled a grocery list and took off to the store while the kids were all in different places.

I was back and the two big kids got their jobs while the two younger ones entertained each other 🥊🙄
One washed and dried fruit and veggies and the other one assembled salads in a jar. People…they didn’t enjoy this so don’t imagine us all around the kitchen singing hymns😜 It just has to be done.

I doubled an easy chili recipe ✅, made a stupid-easy pesto sauce while boiling quinoa noodles and zucchini and made a pot of quinoa in the rice cooker for the week.

Lastly I made fish tacos for that night and doubled the recipe for School lunches and snacks.

Total prep was around 3 hours. I have to say, 2 days into prep day and I am SO thankful I took the time to do it and recruit little workers.

Prepping can mean the difference between eating a whole food meal or going through a drive-thru for crap I can GUARANTEE you didn’t research the nutritional value of or wonder if it would contraindicate with your meds. We have stopped asking questions about our food and where it’s coming from. We have stopped taking the time to prep, chop and plan cause we just can’t find time in our schedules.

I was reminded this week that we have choices. We are blessed to have those choices. Our bodies crave what we give it and we all have the power to manage our choices.

January is prep & plan month. Join me. Whether or not you are following along with the Health Haven calendar I hope you join me on Instagram@hhcoachsteph Facebook- CoachSteph or over on the blog- www.healthhavencoach.com
for some easy ways to prep and plan this month!
Whose in??
Where are my Haven Makers?? If you have a calendar post pictures and please tag me with the hashtag #havenmaker.  I would LOVE to see all the awesome ideas you all come up with by using the calendar!


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