When I find something awesome, I HAVE to share. Well…here you go-

We LOVE our new find of bum wiping goodness!!! This new TP brought to you by @whogivesacraptp is AMAZING!! Not just because it comes to your door and is soft on the bum but because 50% of their profits goes into building toilets 🚽 all over the world and 100% of it does NOT affect our Forrest!!! 🌲 🌲 🌲
Who gives a crap??? I DO!!! Do something good for your potty time, for the earth and for poverty all at the same time!! Look at the fun colors! Kruz loves him some www.us.whogivesacrap.org

So…how about a GIVEAWAY?!? Share this post and  tag 3 friends on Facebook @coachsteph or on Instagram @hhcoachsteph and I will enter you in for a free roll or…two!! 5 winners will be drawn!! You won’t be sorry! Drawing on Wednesday!!

If you don’t need the giveaway and want to go STRAIGHT to ordering this goodness then here is $10 off just for you! https://www.talkable.com/x/VEyZ3p

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