Imagine having a cup of hot tea with your accountability partner, health guru friend… welcome to health coaching.

Individual coaching is a 6-month program that gives you a safe place and space to work on your personal health journey.

We are all bio-individuals and one man’s poison can be another man’s healing.  Your journey looks completely different and your goals and desires for your health will shape your program.

We meet virtually or in person twice a month for 50 minute sessions.  In these sessions we will work through different aspects of health.  This includes career, stress, sleep, nutrition, physical activity and so much more.  Holistic health coaching is so different in the way that we address health as a whole.

During your 6-month program you will also receive ongoing support via email/text in order to keep you motivated, guided and accountable on your journey to healing.  After each session you will receive personalized follow-up notes and goals to work on in between sessions. It also will include small gifts, information and materials throughout the program to help you learn different ways to enhance your health goals.

Are we having fun yet???  Come on, let’s do this together!